The three questions in Oktober
Sriram why is Yoga important in today’s world?
Yoga is the unity of body, mind and breath. When we feel this unity deeply, it relieves us of pressure, slows us down and gives an inner harmony. This is very important for us in an age in which we are constantly under the pressure of achievement.

Will we not become less capable of withstanding the pressures of life if we slow down?
Whenever we use yoga to maximize our feeling of wellness, we will tend to become susceptible to the storms of life. This sort of a yoga practice will make us oversensitive and dependent on the feeling of wellness. Yoga is in its essence a battle, a readiness to shed the personal oversensitivity.

How do you prevent yoga from being an escape, where we seek out a quiet island in the midst of a stormy sea?
It is pretty much all right to seek out a quiet island, when the sea becomes very stormy. But yoga does become escapism, if we wish to remain on the island as long as the storm is blowing. Yoga ought to help us develop the strength to withstand the storm, so

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